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Two years of Instant Magnetic Photos in New York and going strong

I want to give a big thanks, on behalf of the team, to all my friends and family that helped make this dream turn into a reality. We have had great events, big and small, that gave us the privilege to magnetize so many special moments and events.

We look forward to another wonderful year of making photo magnets at many more weddings, corporate events, b-mitzvahs and much more.

Check out our feature article - All you need to know about how great we are :)

Magnetic Memories Gives Guests Snapshots of Events that Will Last a Lifetime 

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to making an event memorable, Magnetic Memories does it all and more. This one of a kind company provides something virtually unheard of -- instant magnetic photos. They're unique favors for any wedding, corporate event, or birthday party that is sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces every time they open their refrigerator.

"We print photos we take at the event and turn them into high quality photo magnets with a personalized design, which we tailor to each event," explains Yoni Vendriger, owner of Magnetic Memories.

Vendriger tells us that they provide a photographer who can work alongside or instead of any traditional photographer in their classic service. In their red carpet experience, the company sets up a classy area of photo props as an open-air photo booth. "Both our services provide a very unique favor that really makes the event stand out but also remembered for a long time as the guests display the photos at home or work," says Vendriger. "The party hosts tell us of the joy when they see their event magnets when they visit their guests."

The Red Carpet Experience in Action

The Red Carpet Experience in Action

When it comes to guests, receiving a Magnetic Memory on the spot makes the event truly epic. Vendriger enjoys hearing guests and hosts alike raving about the unique favors, and cites it as one of the reasons he does this work. "The guests are truly blown away by the photo magnets that it makes us sooooooo happy," he says, "which is why the team and I love this job so much." He chuckles, adding, "Sometimes guests stay longer asking for more photos and copies and we just can't refuse because we enjoy making them happy."

While the magic seems to happen on-site, there is a lot of work put into making Magnetic Memories before the event kicks off. When you book the company to attend your event, you will have a designer work one on one with you prior to your event to design a personalized insignia to be placed on every magnetic printed during your event.

Guests finding their pic during the Classic Service

Guests finding their pic during the Classic Service

During the event, a magnet specialist will print the photos on site using a Lab Quality dye sub photo printer, turning them into magnets. Magnets will be made in batches and presented on a magnetic board near a previously chosen location for your guests to pick up. "The photos can be printed and put in a physical frame and also be put in a guest book with room for a written message," Vendriger states.

One of the best parts of the Magnetic Memory package is perhaps the most surprising -- unlimited magnets. According to Vendriger, they will make as many copies of the magnets as requested, so no need to worry about anyone in those large group shots being left out! "We make unlimited magnets during the time we are there," he affirms. "Our photographer and designer will work continuously during the time we are invited for."

10 Must-Have Birthday Party Ideas for Your Over-the-Hill Birthday Party

Who said that a a over the hill party can’t be even more fun than your 21st? Whether it's your 60th birthday party, 50th birthday party, or even your 40th birthday, we're bringing you some  must-have birthday party ideas to make your birthday the most memorable of all!

1.    The Invite

First impressions last and no-one even want to go to a party that doesn’t sound like it will be a blast. Choose a fun theme and play around with words. Make a tombstone invite with a vulture sitting on it, looking down on your party info. Open with a catchy and funny phrase like “Jonathan is over the hill. Join us as we lay his youth to rest.” A cool invite will usually be kept as a memento.

2.    Props

This is where it gets really fun. Hit your nearest party store and look for some silly props that guests will enjoy playing with, like an inflatable walker.

3.    The Photo’s

We all know what happens with party photos: either we take a hundred digital photos’ we never get around to sorting out or we print our photos and they silently fade away as we rarely look at them again. We’ve found the perfect solution to this problem in magnetic photos. Magnetic Memories is a company that will be on-site at your party and by using your fun props, guests can take crazy photo’s which will be immortalized as a magnetic photo you can display on your fridge  or other magnetized surface. 

4.    The Decorations

Keep up the funny, dark sense of humor.  Black balloons, empty prescription bottles, adult diapers are just some of the 60th birthday party decorations you can use. The Grim Reaper is also a nice touch. And besides, he can double as a Halloween decoration afterwards.

5.    The Menu

Spice up the menu with some “elderly” ingredients such as prunes (for that stubborn elderly digestion) or Ensure formula (for when your glasses go missing and you can’t find your false teeth).

6.    The Favors

This is where the magnetic photos come in handy. No need to ponder various 60th birthday party favors; it has already been sorted out by the magnetic memories party photos.

7.    The Games

If you are afraid that the party might have some awkward silences or might need an ice-breaker, games are always a good idea. Create a roast competition; let family and friends tell embarrassing stories and just poke overall fun at you. Best “act” wins a prize (like the Grim Reaper.)

8.    The Music

There’s a lot of music that’s in tune (pun intended) with aging. Create a fun playlist by taking songs like “When I’m 64” by Paul McCartney or “My Generation” by The Zimmers.

9.    The Venue

Odds are that you and your friends don’t handle your liquor the way you used to. So, instead of adding to the expenses, simply have the party in the comfort of your own home. And if that’s not an option, try and arrange it at a friend or family member’s house.

10.  Continue a Theme

Without realizing it, you might have already started a theme with previous milestone parties. You can easily incorporate your 50th/40th birthday party ideas and even reuse old party decorations.

We hope this makes your 40th, 50th or 60th birthday party the best and most memorable ever, especially since the odds of you remembering everything are getting slimmer and slimmer from here on out. 

Wedding Photography Packages

A wedding is one of those things that stay with a person for the rest of their lives. Whether you are the one getting married or just a guest, weddings are special. To make a wedding day even more memorable, one needs affordable wedding photography professionals handling all of their wedding photo-shoot needs.

Why Magnetic Photos

Photos are one of the best ways of immortalizing any event, like let’s say a wedding. However, photos have a very short lifespan. If it is a digital photograph it is usually posted on social media sites (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and forgotten. On the other hand, paper photos are easily damaged, misplaced, or store where they can’t be seen.

Magnetic photos give you an alternative way of making your wedding unique and memorable for many years to come. Magnetic Memories provides you with excellent and professional on-site photographers to take photos at your event. The photos will then be printed on a durable magnet within just a few minutes after being snapped. This lets your guest takes your wedding photos home with them.

Why Magnetic Memories

Magnetic Memories provides a professional team of photographers that will shoot photos at your wedding or pre-wedding event and customize your photos, print them and turn them into instant magnetic party favors that you and your guests will love.

There are many packages that are designed to cater for people with different wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, or any other event photography needs. If you need affordable wedding photography services that are not completely covered by any of the packages below, one can be tailor-made to suit all your needs.

Wedding Photography Packages from Magnetic Memories

Basic Package - Starting from $700

·       2 Hour Professional Event Photographer

·       Unlimited Instant Photo Magnets (2.8"x4")

·       Customized Design

·       Online Gallery and Facebook Album

·       Unique Party Favors

·       Beautiful Magnet Display Board

Extra Package - Starting from $1050

Basic Package plus:

·       CD/Memory Stick - at end of event

·       Special Stop-Motion Video

·       Social Media Kiosk for Instant Uploading

·       Beautiful Guest Book with extra set of non magnet prints

·       10 Additional Large  Magnets (4"x5.6")

Wow Package - Starting from $1400

Extra Package plus:

·       Magnet Board Attendant

·       Custom Pick-up Board - with photo and logo in the center

·       On-Site Projection of the Photos Taken at the Event

·       Large Magnet Upgrade (4"x5.6")

·       200 Cubes Photo Holders - with or without magnet

Magnetic Memories also provides add-ons with all the above packages. In case there is a service that you would like included in any of the packages listed, all you have to do is just make a request and it will be included.

Whether you are looking for affordable wedding or pre-wedding photography packages, Magnetic Memories with provide you with the best professional photography services for your event for a price that is pocket friendly. They will ensure your wedding is one that is memorable for years to come.