Top 5 Fun and Unique Sweet 16 Party Favors

You only turn 16 once so we're sure you want your party to be a memorable one! When looking for sweet 16 party ideas, here are some of the best unique and personalized party favor ideas to help your sweet sixteen party stand out from the rest. 

1. Personalized Photo Magnets

Photos are the best way to commemorate any event because they feature both the guests and the guest of honor. But a photo in and of itself has a pretty short-lived life. If it is a digital photo it is posted on Facebook and then forgotten. If it is a paper format it is likely to get damaged or put away where no one can see it. Magnetic photo magnets offer a unique way of making that Sweet Sixteen memorable for years to come. Magnetic Memories has a photographer on site to snap photos and then prints them out within minutes on a durable magnet. 

2. Manicure Sets

Nearly every girl loves taking care of their nails and a little manicure set can be the perfect gift for your guests to take away. Essentials for this kit are:  nail file, cuticle pusher, orange stick, nail clipper and scissors. There's a couple of great options we found including a purse shaped set or a pink set  for only $3-$4 a piece. 

3.  Rice crispy treats

Rice crispy treats are both delicious and easy to make. 6 cups of rice crispies, one bag of marshmallows, and 3 tablespoons of margarine combined in a big pot will get you some of the most delicious homemade dessert around. You can either fashion into a little 1-6 with your hands (be sure to use margarine, butter, or another non-stick spray so it doesn't stick)  or use cookie cutters but whatever you do this is an easy and cheap DIY option for party favors for your guests.

4. Personalized Candy

Whether you prefer Reese's peanut butter cups or Hershey's Kisses you can get them personalized for around 30-40 cents which will leave a great impression with your guests without taking a chunk out of your party budget. Chocolate with a little note from the birthday girl is sure to leave your guests with a sweet taste of the party. This combined with something a bit more long lasting (like a photo magnet or manicure set will make this party unforgettable!) 

5. Personalized Mason Jar Mug 

Glass wear is also a great option for something that is cute and memorable for your sweet sixteen party favors. Mason jars are both cute and multi-functional. Several options for personalization include these jars that come with a straw or these jars that are can be used as drinking glasses.

Regardless of what you decide keep in mind that you can stay within a reasonable price range while also keeping it creative and memorable. We wish you a very sweet sixteen!