What we are About

We create a unique way to memorize your special moments of your events and provide a gift for your guests that they will cherish for years to come.

How it Works

Our professional photographer will take photos from within the event of all your guests. Our designer will transform them on site into unique and custom high quality magnets for your guests as a gift.

Before Event

  • A designer will work with you before the event to design a personal insignia, which will be used on every magnet.
  • A professional photographer(s) will take high quality pictures at your event.
  • Our magnet specialist will print the photos on site using a Lab Quality dye sub photo printer and turn them into magnet. The photos can be printed and put in a physical frame and also be put in a guest book with room for a written message.
  • As batches of magnets are made they will be presented on a magnetic board near the dance floor – or any location – for your guests to pick up.
  • We make as many copies of the magnets as requested, if there are 10 people in the picture, each one will get a copy.
  • We make unlimited magnets during the time we are there. Our photographer and designer will work continuously during the time we are invited for.

After Event

  • At the end of the event you will receive a Memory stick with all the high-resolution images from the night.
  • Within 48 hours we will create an online gallery with any necessary retouches for your guests to download or order prints of the pictures with AND WITHOUT the frames.
  • We will also create a special stop motion video combining all the pictures with music.