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Magnetic Memories Gives Guests Snapshots of Events that Will Last a Lifetime 

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to making an event memorable, Magnetic Memories does it all and more. This one of a kind company provides something virtually unheard of -- instant magnetic photos. They're unique favors for any wedding, corporate event, or birthday party that is sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces every time they open their refrigerator.

"We print photos we take at the event and turn them into high quality photo magnets with a personalized design, which we tailor to each event," explains Yoni Vendriger, owner of Magnetic Memories.

Vendriger tells us that they provide a photographer who can work alongside or instead of any traditional photographer in their classic service. In their red carpet experience, the company sets up a classy area of photo props as an open-air photo booth. "Both our services provide a very unique favor that really makes the event stand out but also remembered for a long time as the guests display the photos at home or work," says Vendriger. "The party hosts tell us of the joy when they see their event magnets when they visit their guests."

The Red Carpet Experience in Action

The Red Carpet Experience in Action

When it comes to guests, receiving a Magnetic Memory on the spot makes the event truly epic. Vendriger enjoys hearing guests and hosts alike raving about the unique favors, and cites it as one of the reasons he does this work. "The guests are truly blown away by the photo magnets that it makes us sooooooo happy," he says, "which is why the team and I love this job so much." He chuckles, adding, "Sometimes guests stay longer asking for more photos and copies and we just can't refuse because we enjoy making them happy."

While the magic seems to happen on-site, there is a lot of work put into making Magnetic Memories before the event kicks off. When you book the company to attend your event, you will have a designer work one on one with you prior to your event to design a personalized insignia to be placed on every magnetic printed during your event.

Guests finding their pic during the Classic Service

Guests finding their pic during the Classic Service

During the event, a magnet specialist will print the photos on site using a Lab Quality dye sub photo printer, turning them into magnets. Magnets will be made in batches and presented on a magnetic board near a previously chosen location for your guests to pick up. "The photos can be printed and put in a physical frame and also be put in a guest book with room for a written message," Vendriger states.

One of the best parts of the Magnetic Memory package is perhaps the most surprising -- unlimited magnets. According to Vendriger, they will make as many copies of the magnets as requested, so no need to worry about anyone in those large group shots being left out! "We make unlimited magnets during the time we are there," he affirms. "Our photographer and designer will work continuously during the time we are invited for."