wedding photography packages

Wedding Photography Packages

A wedding is one of those things that stay with a person for the rest of their lives. Whether you are the one getting married or just a guest, weddings are special. To make a wedding day even more memorable, one needs affordable wedding photography professionals handling all of their wedding photo-shoot needs.

Why Magnetic Photos

Photos are one of the best ways of immortalizing any event, like let’s say a wedding. However, photos have a very short lifespan. If it is a digital photograph it is usually posted on social media sites (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and forgotten. On the other hand, paper photos are easily damaged, misplaced, or store where they can’t be seen.

Magnetic photos give you an alternative way of making your wedding unique and memorable for many years to come. Magnetic Memories provides you with excellent and professional on-site photographers to take photos at your event. The photos will then be printed on a durable magnet within just a few minutes after being snapped. This lets your guest takes your wedding photos home with them.

Why Magnetic Memories

Magnetic Memories provides a professional team of photographers that will shoot photos at your wedding or pre-wedding event and customize your photos, print them and turn them into instant magnetic party favors that you and your guests will love.

There are many packages that are designed to cater for people with different wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, or any other event photography needs. If you need affordable wedding photography services that are not completely covered by any of the packages below, one can be tailor-made to suit all your needs.

Wedding Photography Packages from Magnetic Memories

Basic Package - Starting from $700

·       2 Hour Professional Event Photographer

·       Unlimited Instant Photo Magnets (2.8"x4")

·       Customized Design

·       Online Gallery and Facebook Album

·       Unique Party Favors

·       Beautiful Magnet Display Board

Extra Package - Starting from $1050

Basic Package plus:

·       CD/Memory Stick - at end of event

·       Special Stop-Motion Video

·       Social Media Kiosk for Instant Uploading

·       Beautiful Guest Book with extra set of non magnet prints

·       10 Additional Large  Magnets (4"x5.6")

Wow Package - Starting from $1400

Extra Package plus:

·       Magnet Board Attendant

·       Custom Pick-up Board - with photo and logo in the center

·       On-Site Projection of the Photos Taken at the Event

·       Large Magnet Upgrade (4"x5.6")

·       200 Cubes Photo Holders - with or without magnet

Magnetic Memories also provides add-ons with all the above packages. In case there is a service that you would like included in any of the packages listed, all you have to do is just make a request and it will be included.

Whether you are looking for affordable wedding or pre-wedding photography packages, Magnetic Memories with provide you with the best professional photography services for your event for a price that is pocket friendly. They will ensure your wedding is one that is memorable for years to come.